Why iValetUK?

At iValet UK, our aim is simple. To provide a professional and reliable eco-friendly car valet service, work which will of course be carried out to the highest standards, and with the utmost care and attention to detail.

You may wonder why not just have your car washed at your local supermarket while you do your shopping. A great idea in theory, however the service that some supermarket car valets can provide is often below par.

  • Some valets may use the same dirty water throughout the day that they used for the previous car without thoroughly rinsing materials and sponges, passing on grit and stones onto your paint.
  • Some car cleaning services may use harmful and cheap products on your vehicle, risking damage to paintwork and wheels.
  • Most car wash services will use methods of drying your vehicle that can do serious damage you may not even notice. If tiny stones and grit get inside their plastic water removal tools, it can scratch your paintwork and you will end up with more than you bargained for.

Unfortunately, static traditional automated car washes can be just as harmful to your car, creating swirl marks in your paint. Just another reason to have your car cleaning done with iValet UK.

iValet UK only uses the very best Autoglym and Autosmart cleaning products, providing the best finish for your paintwork, and eliminating the risk of any damage that cheaper alternatives may induce.

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