Gtechniq Ceramic Coating

When it comes to safeguarding your prized vehicle, nothing compares to the superior protection offered by Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra. Engineered to be the pinnacle of Ceramic Coating paint protection, Crystal Serum Ultra is backed by an unparalleled 9-year guarantee from Gtechniq, ensuring your investment remains immaculate for nearly a decade.

Exclusive, Accredited Application

As an Accredited Only application, installing Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra demands extensive time and specialised knowledge and training that iV

Our highly trained technicians in our private Cambridgeshire-based studio are dedicated to providing the meticulous care and precision your car deserves. This controlled environment is designed to ensure a flawless application, maximising the coating’s effectiveness, durability and awarding Gtechniq’s 9-year guarantee.


Unrivalled Convenience and Care

At iValet UK, we go beyond providing exceptional service—we redefine convenience. Our offering is unique: every installation of Crystal Serum Ultra includes complimentary enclosed, insured transport collection and return. This means your vehicle remains pristine throughout its journey, free from dirt and exposure, while you enjoy the utmost convenience and peace of mind.


Why Choose Crystal Serum Ultra?

9-Year Guarantee: Trust in the long-lasting protection of your vehicle

Accredited Expertise: Benefit from the highest standards of application

Controlled Environment: Ensure the best results in our specialised studio

Convenient Service: Enjoy hassle-free, enclosed transport for your car


Two-Stage Polishing Works and Crystal Serum Ultra Application – £995

Enhance your vehicle’s appearance and protection with our comprehensive two-stage polishing and Crystal Serum Ultra application.


Additional Services:

Interior Detailing – £95
Keep your car’s interior looking pristine with our detailed cleaning service.

Wheel Protection – £99
Ensure your wheels stay spotless and protected with our specialised coating.

Glass Coating – £99
Improve visibility and protect your glass surfaces with our advanced coating.

EXO Top Coat – £99
Add an extra layer of gloss and protection with the EXO top coat.

All prices include VAT.

Enclosed transport collection and delivery – Free

To enquire or make a booking, please get in contact.

For more information on Gtechniq and their products, including Crystal Serum Ultra, you can visit their website.

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